Ethics Talk with Karin Henriksson: EU Whistleblowing directive

In our most recent Ethics Talk we discuss with Karin Henriksson, co-founder of Whistle-B, part of Navex. 

WhistleB was founded in 2011 in Stockholm by a committed owner duo, Gunilla Hadders and Karin Henriksson, who had more than 20 years of experience in business ethics and compliance. The goal of WhistleB is to provide a whistleblowing service with industry-leading security and user-friendliness. In late 2019 WhistleB was acquired  by Navex, a US based compliance  service provider.

In this podcast, we discuss the following topics with Karin, and many more!

  1. What are the implications of the EU whistleblowing directive for the companies?
  2. Wha is a typical mistake or failure that companies do when implementing whistleblowing systems and processes around them?
  3. In practice, how will the EU directive help to fight against the retaliation of employees who report misconduct?