Nordic Ethics & Compliance Survey 2021

How Nordic organisations are working with Ethics & Compliance

While working with Nordic organisations we have noted that there is a huge need for benchmark data. While struggling for more resources and risk based plans we ask ourselves:

  • Do all organisations have a dedicated E&C officer? 
  • To whom does this person report to and how many persons do they have in their team? 
  • How do other organizations monitor the effectiveness and actual impact? 

To answer these questions, and many more, download the Nordic Ethics & Compliance Report 2021 via the below form!


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This year we decided to focus on ethics and compliance work within Nordic organisations. We wanted to collect benchmarking data and provide insights into how the work is structured. By these insights we aim for supporting the ethics and compliance officers in developing their organisation and program. The Nordic Ethics and Compliance survey 2021 was aimed for persons responsible for the work within their organisations, we collected 122 responses from across the Nordic countries.

On September 7th we held a live-streamed community event where we together reviewed and reflected upon the survey results. The main theme for the event is how Nordic organisations, with a high profile on business ethics, are translating the words into practice. As many of us know, and as our survey reveals, the ethics and compliance teams are small and the budget is limited. Can we be effective and achieve change with the resources that we have at hand? And how do we ensure that the work we do have an actual impact? How do we take paper programs into a reality for all employees in our organisations? And would we need more regulation to advance the business ethics agenda?

Once again, the launch session is held in cooperation with our valued partners; Frank Partners, Hannes Snellman, FRA, EQS, FINSVE and MySpeaker.

Survey recording

Watch the recording here!

Greetings from the community!

A group of NBE members all around the Nordics shared their thoughts. Thank you all for making this a joint effort!