We believe THAT there is a need for A transparent dialogue REGARDING BOTH OPPORTUNITIES AND challenges related to BUSINESS ethics AND CORPORATE integrity

Nordic Business Ethics

The Nordic Business Ethics initiative consists of various activities, all aiming for raising the awareness of what business ethics is and providing various tools and means for working with building stronger and responsible organisations, businesses and work places.

Our mission: Provide inspiration and insights relating to business ethics and thereby impact and support individuals and organisations.

Our purpose: To promote responsible business conduct, support business leaders and professionals who share our passion for building more responsible businesses and organisations through building best practices, sharing lessons learned and facilitating dialogue and networking.

Main target group: Individuals and organisations with a desire to advance, build and develop responsible and strong organisations and businesses.

NORDIC Business Ethics day 2021

The 3rd annual Nordic Business Ethics Day will be broadcasted virtually on April 29, 2021. Book your tickets now!


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People behind

The Nordic Business Ethics platform was created out of our joint passion towards building stronger and more responsible organisations.


Nordic Business Ethics

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