EthicsTalk: A deep dive into G

A deep dive into G – listen in to an engaging discussion with Anna and Sam from fp Frank Partners on what G really is, whether increased regulation and reporting requirements are a good thing and what the risks are with canned tomatoes.

Few would dispute the ethical importance of doing business in an environmentally and socially responsible way. But, as recent debates about the future of ESG have shown, there is little consensus on how to define, implement and assess ESG factors. What constitutes “greenwashing” (i.e. ESG misselling)? How can fiduciary duty be balanced with obligations to environmental and social stakeholders? And who is best-positioned to use ESG measures to create commercial value?

To learn about how to find focus and drive strategy in this uncertain (and sometimes noisy!) world of ESG, we spoke with Anna and Sam from fp Frank Partners, a consultancy specialised in strategic ESG advisory and due diligence. Have a listen to the recording of our conversation below to find out how the often overshadowed Governance component of ESG is critical to developing a proactive, ESG-aligned strategy with value creation at its heart.