Ethics Talk with Zakiya Seguro: Focus on South Africa

South Africa has by many Nordic companies been considered a ‘lower risk country’, especially in an African context. A country with perceived corruption levels similar to Greece and Italy where the need for local partners has been justified by local legal requirements. The corruption scandal that has unraveled during the last 2.5 years has however proved that many may have underestimated the risks. The ‘Gupta scandal’ has shown us how corruption has been entrenched in governmentally owned companies such as Transkom and Eskom and that several well known companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, McKinsey and SAP have been key enablers for the corrupt schemes.

We know that many Nordic companies operate in South-Africa, however we may not have that good of an understanding of what is happening on the ground. We have the privilege of having Zakiya Seguro, from Frank Partners, in the EthicsTalk where we focus on South-Africa. Zakiya is herself from South-Africa, but work with several Nordic companies. She will provide us with a unique insiders perspective on the current local enforcement landscape as well as common risks an pitfalls and practical ways for companies to manage compliance related risk.

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