Nordic Business Ethics Academy

Enable & Inspire

We see compliance as an enabler for individuals and organizations to reach more inspirational goals of ethics, integrity, honesty and responsibility.

We believe that compliance work should provide information to individuals and organizations to make, not only legal but also insightful and responsible decisions.

To enable insightful and responsible decisions the compliance work must include an understanding of human behavior; why good people make bad decisions.

We also want to inspire a shift from risk (to the company) to a wider responsibility. A responsibility for the impact on stakeholders, such as employees, customers, society and the environment.

At Nordic Business Ethics Academy we want to enable and inspire businesses and organizations to make good decisions and to be a force for good – today and tomorrow.

The programs


  • Why and what is Ethics & Compliance?
  • Cornerstones of Compliance
  • What does the law say?
  • The Real Purpose of Ethics & Compliance
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Workshop


  • Why and what is Ethics & Compliance?
  • The Real Purpose of Ethics & Compliance
  • Responsible Leadership


  • From Risk to Responsibility
  • Responsible Leadership


Michaela Ahlberg

Michaela has spent more than 35 years working as legal counsel, general counsel and CECO in several Nordic global businesses, such as Ericsson, Nokia, Nobel Biocare, Volvo Cars, Telia and Getinge. Work has taken her all over the world and she has been based in Sweden, UAE, USA and France. As CECO at Telia, she was part of the team that negotiated a DPA with the DOJ and the SEC in the US. Today Michaela works in her company The Grey Zone.

Michaela has been a pioneer, teacher and advocate for E&C in the Nordics since she moved back from the US in 2012, and in 2022, she was awarded the Otto Rydbeck scholarship for engaged and unafraid contributions to business law, promoting ethics and business integrity.

Together with Anna, she has written the book ”The Grey Zone – a practical guide to corporate conduct, compliance and business ethics.

Anna Romberg

Anna has a passion for ethical business, good governance and compliance. She is known for her pragmatic and results oriented approach and for ”making things happen in complex organisations”.

Anna was responsible for the well recognized Anti-Bribery program at Telia Company and has supported numerous global companies with governance and compliance related matters as an executive and through her own business. She is currently a member of the executive management team at the leading Medical Device company Getinge, heading the global Legal, Compliance and Governance function.

Anna is a PhD and lifelong learner, her research focus on the human aspect of E&C programs and the importance of adequate corporate governance to support lasting cultural change. She has co-authored the book ”The Grey Zone – a practical guide to corporate conduct, compliance and business ethics”.

Niina Ratsula

Niina is an ethics, compliance and governance professional, with a strong focus on corporate cultures and internal control. Niina is known for “translating codes of conduct from paper into daily actions and decision making”.

Niina spent 12 years in multinational corporations (Nokia and Kemira) focusing on ethics, compliance, internal controls and audit. In 2018 she started her own business Code of Conduct Company and is now supporting organizations in building their ethics and compliance programs, ethical leadership and internal control projects. Niina was awarded the recognition as the ‘responsible business influencer’ in Finland in 2019.

Niina is also an author and has written several books in Finnish on the topics of Internal Control, Internal Audit and Ethical Leadership. She defended her PhD. in 2020 with a topic “Interplay between technical and social control – Case study of Nokia’s SOX implementation project”.

Enable & Inspire