Compliance trends Webinar: Compliance & Ethical Business Conduct in A Time of Crisis


Hannes Snellman and Nordic Business Ethics Network co-hosted a webinar on the role of compliance and ethical business conduct in a time of crisis on Wednesday 22 April 2020 from 10:00 am to 10:45 am.

How should businesses go about compliance and ethical business conduct during a crisis? According to a recent poll by the Nordic Business Ethics Network, over 65% of business representatives believed that ethical business conduct will increase or at least remain the same in the coming year. Regulators have clearly indicated that the current crisis is no excuse for non-compliance. How should companies focus and prioritise when managing compliance risks in these times of financial constraints and increased pressure?

Join the webinar to hear from our experts about the most recent developments in the compliance field and to get some practical tips and insights on how to manage the risk for non-compliance and unethical behaviour in the current environment.

Please watch the webinar recording via the link below.


Maria Wasastjerna,
Partner, Hannes Snellman

Maria has extensive experience in competition law, regulatory legal, and compliance matters, and she regularly advises Finnish and international companies on these issues. Before joining Hannes Snellman, Maria worked in Nokia’s ethics & compliance legal team and was responsible for the company’s global competition compliance programme.

Niina Ratsula
Co-Founder, Nordic Business EThics

Niina Ratsula is business ethics and compliance expert with a focus on building sustainable corporate cultures. Niina spent 12 years in multinational corporations (Nokia and Kemira) focusing on ethics, compliance, internal controls and audit. In 2018 she started her own business Code of Conduct Company and is now supporting organizations in building their ethics and compliance programs, ethical leadership and internal audit functions.

Anna Romberg

Anna Romberg is a driven anti-corruption, compliance and corporate governance expert specialised in the prevention, detection and remediation of corporate conduct and corporate crime related compliance issues. She has worked with organizations such as Telia and Cargotec and used to interact with both external and internal stakeholders such as investors, regulators, the board and executive management to manage corporate conduct related matters and she is now assisting global companies in managing corporate conduct related risks.