DISCUSSION ON Nordic Business Ethics Survey in Oslo

November 5 · Virtual from oslo

 1430-1600 CET

Selmer and Kvamme Associates will co-host our virtual event in Oslo. In this event we will discuss the results from the 2020 Nordic Business Ethics Survey, focusing on the Norwegian perspective.

Forensic Risk Alliance, as the main sponsor of the Nordic Business Ethics Survey, is co-hosting the event. 

The Nordic Business Ethics Survey (“NBES”) is a pioneering survey into employees’ views on ethics across multiple business sectors and job roles, initiated by the Nordic Business Ethics Network and its founders Niina Ratsula and Anna Romberg.  The NBES was conducted for the first time in 2019. The 2020 edition of the NBES was extended to Denmark, and include 4.000 respondents from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Advokatfirmaet Selmer AS represented by Thomas Brandi and Kvamme Associates represented by Helge Kvamme, will host, and moderate the virtual seminar from Oslo to present the results of this second edition of the NBES. Forensic Risk Alliance, represented by Viktor Josefsson, the main sponsor of the NBES, is co-hosting the event.

During this virtual meeting, one of the two founders of the survey, Anna Romberg, will present the survey and the key results. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion to reflect on the key findings focusing on the Norwegian perspective. We are very glad to introduce to this highly competent panel, Lene Svenne, Group Vice President Sustainability & Governance, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA, very experienced in the areas of compliance and sustainability, Einar Øverenget, a well-known philosopher, author, speaker and columnist and Viktor Josefsson, a director of Forensic Risk Alliance´s Forensic Accounting team situated in the London office, a specialist in large cross-border investigations and a Swedish native.

Business ethics is not an issue – before it is. The debate regarding right and wrong conduct, of what is ethical, of how companies, management and employees are expected to behave, is a relevant topic of today as we have seen many examples of incidents of corruption, bribery and money-laundering in the Nordics. Current media enables a transparency that quickly reveal if the actual behavior and operations are not in line with what is expected.

The NBES 2020 edition gives interesting results to reflect on. For example, 62 % responded that they did not intervene when observing unethical behavior. Although most of the respondents say that they would feel comfortable speaking up about ethical concerns, we refrain from doing

so, in reality. Creating a speak up culture is essential for building an ethical culture.

You are hereby invited to be part of the presentation of an important survey and an interesting reflection discussion. WELCOME.


14:15    Registration to the virtual seminar

14:30    Welcome from the moderators, Thomas Brandi and Helge Kvamme

14:35   Anna Romberg will share the key results of the NBES. In the 2020 survey edition 4.000 employees and leaders working in Nordic organizations were asked how they perceive ethics at work: What are the most common ethical issues observed at work? What are the biggest barriers for speaking up on ethical concerns? How many feel pressured to make ethical compromises in working life and why?

15:05   Panel – Reflections from the Nordic Business Ethics survey results

            Lene Svenne, Einar Øverenget, Viktor Josefsson – in discussion with Thomas Brandi and Helge Kvamme

15:45   Q&A with the audience

16:00   Closing

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November 5, 2020

 1430-1600 CET

Oslo / Virtual