NBE Survey 2021 LAUNCH

September 7th · 14.00-16.00 CET · Live Stream FROM HELSINKI

We are proud to launch the results of the NBE survey 2021! This year we decided to focus on ethics and compliance work within Nordic organisations. We wanted to collect benchmarking data and provide insights into how the work is structured. By these insights we aim for supporting the ethics and compliance officers in developing their organisation and program. The Nordic Ethics and Compliance survey 2021 was aimed for persons responsible for the work within their organisations, we collected 122 responses from across the Nordic countries. 

On September 7th we invite you to a live-streamed community event where we together will review and reflect upon the survey results. We want to acknowledge that NBE is all about the network, the members, our partners and the community. Our mission is to provide inspiration and insights relating to business ethics and thereby impact and support individuals and organisations. And this is something we do together! 

The main theme for the event is how Nordic organisations, with a high profile on business ethics, are translating the words into practice. As many of us know, and as our survey reveals, the ethics and compliance teams are small and the budget is limited. Can we be effective and achieve change with the resources that we have at hand? And how do we ensure that the work we do have an actual impact? How do we take paper programs into a reality for all employees in our organisations? And would we need more regulation to advance the business ethics agenda?

Once again, we are hosting the launch session in cooperation with our valued partners; Frank Partners, Hannes Snellman, FRA, EQS, FINSVE and MySpeaker. During the launch you will also hear pre-recorded insights from E&C community all around Nordics.


SEPTEMBER 7th 2021

CET 14.00 – 16.00


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| 2:20
Welcome and presentation of the survey
Anna Romberg & Niina Ratsula

Governance and the set-up of the E&C function 

A Nordic perspective on regulatory expectations on governance and program design. Hannes Snellman (10 min) 

Panel discussion with in-house professionals and external advisor (20 min)

– Relying on guidance and best practice from the US, cultural aspects
– Do we need more regulation in the Nordics 
– Reporting lines of the E&C officer 
– What does an adequately staffed function look like 

Ethics and Compliance in Practice 

How to turn your well designed program into real practices, examples from risk assessments, investigations and the use of data. FRA (10 min)

Panel discussion with in-house professionals and external advisor (20 min) 

– How do you conduct a compliance risk assessment, use of data and how to design a risk based program? 
– The risk of not conducting through internal investigations 
– Reporting on your program to management and the board, metrics and data 
– Measuring impact and culture 

Broadening the perspective – how to connect ESG and E&C 

Investors and financiers expectations on ESG, how do these relate to E&C. Frank Partners
Wrapping up – what is needed to further advance E&C in the Nordics Anna Romberg & Niina Ratsula
4:00Streamed event ends
Stream recording will be available after the event


Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA) is an international consultancy which works with global corporations and their counsel to identify, analyse and mitigate the risks associated with transactional compliance obligations, litigation and investigations. In over 20 years of client service excellence, we have supported multinational companies such as Airbus, Telia Company and Rolls Royce in high-stakes cross-border matters.
MySpeaker is the fastest growing speaker agency in the Nordics. We represent the strongest experts, visionaries and motivational professional speakers in various fields worldwide. Our team consists of experienced and well-known figures of the professional speaking industry in the Nordics. We create impressive speaker content for the productions of event professionals as well as corporate events.
Hannes Snellman is proud to partner with NBEN in the launch of the Nordic Business Ethics Survey. Hannes Snellman is a top-tier Nordic law firm with 300 outstanding professionals based in Finland and Sweden, advising international and local companies across all business sectors. The firm’s expertise and services in the area of compliance are a significant part of its offering, and its Corporate Responsibility & Compliance team works together with clients on the most demanding compliance-related questions, as well as day-to-day pragmatic business advice.
EQS Group is a leading international provider of regulatory technology (RegTech ) in the fields of Corporate Compliance and Investor Relations.
Frank Partners is a boutique risk consultancy specialised in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. A leading provider of high-end integrity due diligence, M&A advisory, and investigations, FP also delivers consulting services, training and tools to institutions seeking to improve their anti-bribery and corruption compliance and ESG risk mitigation structures. 
The Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce helps Finnish companies establish operations in Sweden and creates contacts between companies in both countries. We offer advice and consultation on the Swedish market, e.g. in terms of legislation, tax issues, partners and contacts. In addition, we organize seminars and events that provide a platform for networking for companies in Sweden and Finland.