Ethics Talk Live: Ethical dilemmas & data privacy

JUNE 14 · Virtual from HELSINKI

 15-16 EEST

Have you ticked a box in your HR system to confirm your gender? How about your sexual orientation? Irrelevant or even none of your business you may think. The conflict between compliance interest is also evident in internal investigations, where data privacy considerations have to be balanced with data analysis, data storage and transparent communication on investigation findings and consequences. The rise in AI also brings interesting ethical considerations to the table. 

The current Covid19 situation has put a whole new spin on the matter. Employers are legally obligated to secure safe working conditions for all employees. However, at the same time, they are not allowed to ask about vaccinations or the state of one’s health.

How can we fill obligations, actively promote diversity and get reporting done when we have no means to obtain data? How should we as ethics&compliace professionals navigate these dilemmas and sometimes conflicting topics? How can personal integrity aspects be integrated into our E&C programs? And how should we reason with business stakeholders who want to capitalise on valuable personal data?


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15:00    Welcome from the moderators – Anna Romberg & Niina Ratsula, NBE Founders

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Time zone is on EEST (Helsinki)

Riikka Autio, Partner at DLA PIPER

Riikka heads the employment law practice at DLA Piper in Helsinki and acts as an adviser for private and public sector employers.

Riikka possesses over a decade of experience in supporting domestic and global clients of all size on their various employment and HR matters, such as contractual matters, occupational health and safety, reorganizations and implementing HR policies and practices. She also advises on employment issues associated with mergers and acquisitions and represents employers in employment related disputes.


Aiko has a background in Informatics with a PhD in experimental software engineering. She has +10 years of experience in data analytics within the logistics, retail and finance industries.

She currently works as Principal Data Scientist at Group Risk Management at DNB. At DNB, she leads the ESG Data Task Force, which will ensure top-of-class ESG data and analytics to be leveraged by the whole corporate to accelerate the transition to a green economy and for DNB to deliver on the Sustainability Strategy .

Aiko believes in responsible use of Data, AI, and Technology in general, and is an passionate advocate for data literacy in DNB. In addition to being a Data Scientist at DNB, Aiko is an Adjunct Associate Professor at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, where she has taught courses in Data Science and supervised students.

Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger, Interim Senior Legal Counsel AT Fairplace

Tatiana is an international business lawyer who for the past 12 years has been working in the intersection between law, technology, and regulatory affairs within the telecom/IT law/Cloud industry, including Data Privacy & Security, and, who possess a solid understanding of the regulatory environments in the EU, USA, and Latin America.

Tatiana seats on various boards in Sweden, and serves as a strategic business advisor for start-ups developing and/or using AI-driven solutions. She is the Founding President of the business network International Women In Business (IWIB), and has been also a regular speaker at The Global Legal Skills Conference in the US where her main topic has been the ‘Effects of A.I in the Legal Practice’.

Tatiana co-authors a book with the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI) in Germany, entitled “Humanization & the Law”. This book is considered by the LLI to be the next central pillar in the transformation of the legal industry – in which Legal, as a function in business and society, is once again used as an example for a general change in all professions.

Tatiana recently joined FAIRPLACE as an Interim Senior Legal Counsel, a Swedish organization that supports clients with their human centric, global minded and ethic work. 



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