Ethics Talk Live: Anti-corruption

DECEMBER 9 · Virtual from HELSINKI

 15-16 EEST

  • Corruption in sports
    • What we see in media is the tip of the iceberg
    • Corruption on an individual and an organisational level
    • Rootcauses and challenges
  • Experiences from auditing the use of public funds
    • Case: Olympic committee in Finland
  • Latest case: Qatar Olympics
    • Institutionalized practice
    • What is done to outroot corruption from sports – is it possible?
  • Football Association of Finland: How do we ensure we operate ethically and free from corruption?
    • Our sponsorship relations and contracts


14:45    Registration to the virtual seminar

15:00    Welcome from the moderators – Anna Romberg & Niina Ratsula, NBE Founders

A few words to dive into the topic and introducing the Ethics Talk LIVE partners and guests

15:10   Discussion – Anti-corruption

The moderators will also take in questions from the audience, which can be presented during the Ethics Talk via chat.

15:45   Q&A with the audience

16:00   Closing

Time zone is on EET (Helsinki)



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