Will ethical business be financially rewarding – a Nordic perspective.

Joint event with Carnegie on May 28, 2020 @ 2pm EEST/ 1pm CEST

During the recent decade there has been a significant increase in the interest in responsible investing and environmental, social and governance (ESG) related aspects of businesses. Despite this we see an increase in corporate scandals, where failures and unethical behavior especially relating to the governance of businesses are revealed (e.g. securing processes and controls to prevent bribery, corruption and money laundering). In this current environment, where fundamental aspects of businesses are challenged and constrained, it is even more important to be able to understand how companies manage the tensions between short term gains and maintaining strong governance.

 In this call the investment analyst Tom Skogman will discuss with two renowned experts in the field of business ethics, compliance and governance, Anna Romberg and Niina Ratsula, about how to maintain and measure strong governance and business ethics. We will also discuss some recent findings from the Nordic Business Ethics Survey relating to “whether ethical business will be financially rewarding” with some interesting differences between Nordic countries.



Tom Skogman
Head of Research, Carnegie

Tom has extensive experience from working with the financial markets, he has won several analysts awards and is currently Head of Research at Carnegie based in Helsinki.

Niina Ratsula
Co-Founder, Nordic Business EThics

Niina Ratsula is business ethics and compliance expert and founder and CEO of Code of Conduct Company.

Anna Romberg

Anna Romberg is business ethics and compliance expert and founder and CEO of Anchor Integrity.